Toro 60 Volt Cordless Snow Blower Review

A real review of the Toro 60 Volt Snow Blower

I purchased this Toro cordless snowblower because I am sick and tired of small engines — their starting, maintenance, and consumables. However, I don’t really want to try to snow blow with cords dragging behind me. I did a lot of research and this seems to be generally agreed to be the best cordless snow blower on the market, at this time. It is very light and maneuverable, especially compared to my old 2-stage gas blower. It is so simple to operate. It starts up simple and it is easy to switch the direction of the chute. I guess it could be a bit out of reach if you are on the shorter side.

How it has Performed for me

I have had only a couple of snowfalls that have been snowblower worthy since I got this. The first was about 4-5 inches of snow. It was a mix. It was a kind of icy bottom and top layer with a creamy middle layer. 🙂 It got through this great. It did go down to the concrete in most places with the scraper. Not even close to a clog.

The next snow was very heavy, wet snow, but not as deep. It was maybe three inches. I first thought that this was not snowblower worthy. I got by pusher shovel out and I could push this snow about three feet before it piled up about a foot high and could not be moved anymore. I broke out this machine and it was wonderful.

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Please see the YouTube video and you can get an idea. I walked at a comfortable pace and this just plugged away. It was able to throw the snow to the edge of the driveway. It really made a quick job of this snowfall.

You want to play with the up/down angle on the chute. Higher will give you potentially more distance, but a greater chance of getting caught in the wind and being sent back to slap you in the face.

Battery Performance

I have a three-car wide driveway and about 2+ cards deep. I live on a corner lot with sidewalks on all sides. I got through the snow with about 25-50 percent remaining on the 7.5 AH battery.

I am a little worried that I could run out in a bigger accumulation. However, I could do it in phases. Also, since I am now bought-in to the toro 60v line, I may pick up the string trimmer or blower and give them a shot. If I buy, at least, one of those with the battery, I will get a little bit extra for winter.


One other tip: I do like to spray down the auger and chute with a non-stick spray to help reduce the chance of clogs.

In the picture, the snow has melted off quite a bit because we had some rain the following day. 

Toro 60 Volt Cordless Snowblower




Ease of Use







  • No engine to maintain
  • No gas to have to go buy
  • Lightweight


  • Not as powerful as a similarly priced gas snowblower
  • Some people may not have enough battery life for their area