Milwaukee Packout Backpack Review

A review of the backpack as part of the Milwaukee Packout System

This backpack fits into the Milwaukee Packout System. This system contains a selection of toolboxes, containers, and tool bags that interlock and are transportable on a wheeled base.

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This particular bag has the cleats on the bottom to lock onto one of the other pieces in the system. This could be used as the top layer in the system. This because no other piece can be put on top of this one. However, there is another way to use this.

You can lock one of the organizing containers, likely a half-sized type, to the bottom of the bag. There are two half-size organizers a full-height box and half-height. Personally, this is how I use the backpack. I lock a half-height organizer to the bottom to contain general-purpose screws and anchors. My philosophy/use for the bad is general-purpose DIY so that fits with this use.

This is a rugged, and heavy, backpack.

Here are a few of the specs…

Width: 11.81 in
Length: 15.75 in
Height: 15.74 in
Weight: 7.34 lbs

The backpack has a molded base that is intended to keep both the backpack and it’s contents safe if it is set down in a wet area. The packout cleats are molded into the bottom of this part. Here are a few of the noteworthy features of the backpack…

  • 1680D Ballistic Material
  • 48 Pockets
  • Hardshell pocket on the front to protect sensitive equipment
  • Tape measure clip
  • All-metal hardware
  • Load-bearing harness with sternum strap
  • Plastic reinforced jab saw pocket

My Impressions

When I think of the Milwaukee brand I think “Heavy Duty”. That is no exception here. You can feel that when you pick up the bag. It is probably the heaviest empty backpack I have seen. The material and zippers seem very tough. I can’t speak to how this holds up for a contractor that is putting this through a daily beating. However, for anyone who is a Home DIY’er, this should last forever. For my use, it has an ample amount of pockets.

That was probably the primary reason for getting this backpack. The tools are all laid out in a manner where you can seem them all and find what you need without digging. Prior to this, I just had some general-purpose soft-side tool bags. My thought was or organize in these by type of job; electrical, plumbing, etc. That didn’t work too well for me. I had GP tools that either didn’t fit for fit everywhere. Also, these basic bags always had me digging around to find what I needed.

In the main sections, even with tools filling the pockets, there is still more room to stuff some power tools or bits cases. There are also a couple of mesh pockets on the side that is probably intended for a water bottle but could store bit cases as well.

There is also a tape measure clip on the side. I don’t use this for a tape measure, per se, but put a small tool belt pouch that I can use to carry a few tools that I most need around. There is also some molly webbing on the front if you want to attach another pouch.

Milwaukee Packout Backpack








Ease of Use



  • Battery or AC Power
  • Very Bright
  • Two Brightness Levels


  • A bit expense. Look for deals.
  • Tripod option doesn't have threads