Marking Utensils

Discover some really cool marking utensils that will be very nice for builders and makers.

When we are doing DIY jobs around the house, there is always a situation where we need to mark a hole or trace a pattern. How many times have you reached for a typical pencil or pen that you have lying around the house and found that you struggle to get in into a small area to mark or trace? There are some interesting options for marking utensils and it would be worth your while to have some of these in your junk drawer or tool bag.

Below I have some links to some of these items if you want to pick some up. These are affiliate links and if you purchase the channel will earn a little bit.

Deep Hole Marking Utensils

I have to thank Adam Savage for turning me on to these. These are really great and you will wonder how you got by without them. They have a fine point market tip on them, but the first couple inches from the tip are very thin so that they can go into holes or other tight spots.

The first option and the first one that I got was a black marker. This is my go-to when I am hanging anything on the wall; Pictures, Brackets, etc. I don’t have to worry about the tip of the pen or pencil stopping short of hitting the wall. The fine tip on these is also great for running along a straight edge to make sure it doesn’t get thrown off by the case of a thinker marker.

Other Variations

After I found this, I found some other variations of this that was a pencil. These have the same kind of thin tip. However, they have a fairly soft HB graphite in them so they will make a very visible mark.

They are thick, unlike a normal mechanical pencil, so that they will not break. Because of the thickness, however, you might want to sharpen it every so often. There is a sharpening built into the top of the pencil to put a point on the graphite. This comes packaged with replacements in a durable carrying container.

Deep Hole MarkerDeep Hole PencilDeep Hole Marker – Silver

Additionally, one more variation that I added was another one with a silver color. This variation is great for being able to put a mark onto a dark-colored surface. I initially bought this for marking foam inserts to fit tools. The foam I was marking was black. Therefore, these are perfect for great visibility. It was an added bonus that the marker took a few minutes to dry. This allowed me just enough time to get the foam cut and wiped off before the ink dried.

Other Markers

Prior to coming across the Deep Hole Markers, my go-to was a Sharpie marker. However, I have started to use the Milwaukee INKSALL marker. There are still times when fine precision or the ability to fit into small spaces is not paramount. In these cases, you just want a nice thick line to follow with a saw. This version has some design features that make it a nicer option for marking. It dries fast so it won’t smudge. The body is shaped so that it won’t roll around, even without the cap. Also, it is designed to write on dusty or rough surfaces.

Milwaukee INKZALL Marker