Cool Tools

A selection of must have tools for your bag.

Here is a full walk-through of what is in my tool backpack.

Below is a subset of the tools that I go through that I think are pretty unique and cool.

Ratchet ScrewdriverThis is absolutely my all-time favorite screwdriver. It takes multiple tips. It ratchets or can be locked-off. However, the killer feature is the fact that I can rotate the grip to turn it into a pistol grip. This can really give you some torque when trying to get a screw out.
Self-Adjusting StripperFor years, I had what I thought was an automatic wire stripper. However, I had to put the wire into exactly the right slot or it wouldn’t work well. With this tool, you don’t need to line it up in the exact slot. There are, however, times when you need to loosen or tighten. If you are going from very fine to thick wire, expect to make an adjustment.
Precision ScrewdriverThis is a precision screwdriver and comes will most of the tips that you will ever need. It has a comfortable grip and a top that can spin.
Laser MeasureThis is a laser measurement tool. This really makes fast work out of a lot of measurement jobs. It has a built-in level/incline display as well. It is Bluetooth and can connect to your phone. There is an app to put measurements on floorplans and sketches. I haven’t played with the app a lot because it was out of the playstore for a while. This device has a lot of functionality so I will write a future article with a more full review.
LED Lighted LevelThis is a very high-quality level. It is solid and true. It has very strong magnets to assist when it can. The killer feature on this tool is that the level bubbles can be lit up by LED lights. This makes it very easy to read in dim lighting.
Deep Hole MarkerThis and the following are awesome tools for marking pictures or brackets to the wall. This is the marker version. It can get into holes and other tight spots because if it’s needle-nose tip.
Deep Hole PencilThis is the pencil version of the deep hole marker. The graphite in this is dark and readable. Its graphite is thick so that it will not break. A sharpener for the tip is built into the upper tip of the pencil.

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