Best Wall Anchors

Here is a selection of the best wall anchors available for projects around your home or business.

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There are hundreds or anchors on the market. They fall into many types. The type of material that they can go into will vary. The amount of weight that they will carry will vary. Also, some leave a bit larger hole and some will leave a much smaller hole that is easier to cover up when it comes out. Here I will go through some of the anchors that I like to use…

Screw-in Anchors

These are very fast to put into the wall. There is no need to pre-drill a hole for these. It is easiest to just use a power driver, but can also be done with a hand screwdriver. Just be careful if you are putting them in with a power tool. Make sure you don’t drive them into the wall too far.

Screw in anchors

These can go into areas of the wall that are hollow behind. Even if you run into a wood stud these have a tip that can drive into the stud. Just be careful for electrical or plumbing in the wall.

These can hold up to 50 pounds each.

Toggle Anchors

Toggle anchors or toggle bolts are about the strongest anchor that you can use. Traditional toggle bolts have butterfly wings that fold. You would drill a hole large enough to fit the folded butterfly wings and bolt through the wall and it would fold back out.

Toggle anchors

The anchors I have listed here are easier to use. You don’t need a drill as these will self-drill a hole. You drill the anchor into the wall until it is held in place. Then, drive a screw in to release the toggle in the wall and snug it up.

These anchors will hold up to 100 pounds each. That is quite impressive.

Molly Anchors

Molly anchors are anchors with sleeves that will expand and grip the wall. There are some more heavy-duty versions of these, but what I use are the plastic mollies. As recommended by the particular one you choose, it can be used in multiple types of walls, from concrete to drywall.

Molly Anchor Assortment

One of the biggest advantages of the plastic molly is that it can leave a smaller hold to repair when removed. It is nice to have some smaller versions of these for lighter-weight items, but there are also varieties that can hold about 50 pounds.