This site is dedicated to discussing topics of interest to the homeowner. Some specific areas we focus on are Tools, Lawn/Yard/Snow, Smart Home, and Home Electronics.

  • Real reviews. If you see a review on this site, we have actually reviewed it and not just read other people’s reviews on Amazon.
  • Both contracted and DIY projects.
  • Trends in Smart Home technology.

We also have a YouTube channel where we can demonstrate items. Where we have a video related to the article, we will link directly to it.

My name is Tom Christian. I am not a tradesman. However, I have been a homeowner and DIY’er for over 25 years. I have done a lot of small and a few in-depth projects over the years. This includes full renovations of my kitchens and baths.

I am been involved in home automation (Smart Home) for more than thirty years. I have used many, many technologies over those years. I have also used a lot of controller systems. I have even written my own controller software and commercial plug-ins for other controllers. I am sure that I haven’t used everything, but have enough breadth to help folks make informed decisions.

I develop software by trade. I have developed commercial software in the supply chain execution and healthcare domains.